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REVEALED: The 7 Simple Steps This Young Student
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Endless "guru's" and coaches are falsely selling their magical hack to success

Are you an entrepreneur who has a dream of making money online and reaching that magical $10,000 per month goal which would allow you to live a life of freedom to do exactly what YOU want?


Perhaps you have already achieved that... but have realised it's nothing like you expected and you feel overworked, stressed out and unfulfilled?

And you now have feelings of emptiness, sadness and loneliness... knowing deep down making more money just won't change how you feel.

Here's the thing....

Everything you thought about how to make money online has been completely wrong!

You see 99% of entrepreneurs we speak with all think that there is a magic answer to their business problems...

You get hooked in by bold promises and claims from courses, coaches, YouTube videos looking for that next magical "hack" that will explode your business overnight and finally solve all your problems. 

But after a while, you realise you fell into the same trap as before, going back to feeling even more confused over which direction to take next...

The information overload becomes overwhelming... and you cannot find the right path to reach your desired outcome.

And even if you have had some success, you're finding it hard to break through to the next revenue goal.

Does this sound familiar?

Just answer this:

  • Has your success (if any so far) really changed how you feel about yourself?
  • Deep down, are you feeling exactly the same... stressed, overworked and unfulfilled?
  • Is there an emptiness, sadness or feeling of loneliness just lingering?

After working with over 1,000+ entrepreneurs we have discovered the secret on how to overcome the challenges you are facing whilst allowing you to make more money in an easy, effortless and enjoyable way, without feeling stressed, overwhelmed and the emotions that drain your energy.

It’s now our mission to share these 7 principles with 1,000,000 entrepreneurs and we want you to be one of them.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to introduce to you what we call 7-Days to 7-Figures.

Introducing 7-Days to 7-Figures

Inside we show you the 7-Secret Principles that will develop the foundations to help you on your journey to building a 7-figure business.

Not only that, as you master these 7-Principles, it will become effortless, easy and automatic for you to move towards your goals without any fears, doubts or worries blocking your path.

Here's what you will discover inside this 7-day program:

  • How to create a compelling vision for your business.
  • How to build unlimited motivation by understanding how to use the power of your subconscious mind and using emotions to drive your behavior.
  • How to create a simple 3-step plan that allowed Vash to reach over $1,000,000 in sales with his business that can be applied to any business.
  • How to build effortless discipline that makes you excited to put in the work to grow your business to 7-figures without force, effort and struggle.
  • How to use your previous experiences and results to shortcut the growth of your business by using the power of reflection and deductive thinking.
  • Learn the #1 mindset shift that is guaranteed to level up your business, relationships, happiness and overall quality of your life. 
  • How to build automated behaviors in your mind that will make it effortless and easy for you to take the actions you know will grow your business to 7-figures and beyond. 
  • And much, much more...

We don't do fake scarcity...

We’re not like most other people out there. We’re not going to make up some fake scarcity or urgency on how the price will increase if you don’t act now. The price of only $7 will stay like this forever.

But what we will say is this...

Can you afford to keep procrastinating on your dreams? Do you have time to keep letting your fears, insecurities, doubts and self-sabotaging behaviours get in the way of you living your dream life that you know you’re so close to?

That’s the real urgency and scarcity you should be focusing on!

Don't click off this page and within a few hours find yourself back wasting more time on social media (again) and letting fears and worries prevent you from taking the action you know you want to.

If 7-Days to 7-Figures were simply more tactics on how to grow your business, we would be the first to say you probably don’t need this right now. 

But it’s not...

This is the 7-principles that will help you to become more confident, certain, courageous and clear on how to take action on the things you know will help get the results you dream of.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to transform your life & business?

7-Days to 7-Figures

Join the program today for just one payment of


Here are the 7 principles that we will take you through in the next 7 days:



How to gain crystal clear clarity on your vision and exactly what you want, allowing you to have certainty as you take action.



The secret to building unlimited motivation so you never want to procrastinate, waste time or avoid doing the actions you know will build your dream life.



A simple 3-step action plan that is responsible for Vash building a business doing over 7-figures in sales.



Unlock your superpower to success, build discipline in a way like you’ve never seen before making it easy and enjoyable to do, even hard tasks you want to avoid.



Eliminate information overload and analysis paralysis so you can move forward with clarity and focus without worrying and doubting if this is the right move.



Everything you “know” to be true about yourself and your world has been taught or learned... We will uncover your "truths" that are sabotaging you.


Mind System

How to guarantee your success using a system we’ve shared with over 500+ entrepreneurs that will make your journey towards your goals and visions effortless.

But listen... information is not all you need. That's why at the end of each principle we have created what we call the 'Act & Apply Action Plan' to ensure you take action and get one step closer to your goals.

This time next week you will understand the principles you need to:

  • Make more money with your business with clarity & certainty.
  • Gain more freedom in your life and business allowing you to live life the way you dream it to be without being a slave to your business.
  • Become more happy, peaceful and fulfilled so you can enjoy the journey and start to feel truly proud and confident within yourself.

Don't just take our word for it...

Meet your coaches

Jon Gabb

From working at a supermarket struggling to succeed online to discovering the power of mindset and scaling his first business to multiple 6-figures and now helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs from 30+ countries scale their businesses, live happy and fulfilled life, and master all areas of their life. 

Vash Tomanec:

2 and half years ago still delivering food on his bike for UberEats to setting up his marketing agency BullAds - winning 2 comma club award (being coached by Jon Gabb). Then setting Mindtrepreneur together, helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world live their best life. Last year, setting his SaaS business Ecomtrack.io.

Get these action taker bonuses FREE when you start your journey today

Bonus one

Act & apply fast track execution guides

This exclusive bonus will give you clarity, peace of mind and allow you to take effortless action towards the lessons you’ve learned to ensure you achieve your desired result. 
Value:  $97.00 


Bonus two

Our personal 7-figure meditations

Your subconscious mind is 90% of your success, using the 7-figure meditation you will be discovering the powers of your mind, and unleashing the 7-figure version of yourself by removing your limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotaging behaviours that prevent you from reaching your ultimate potential. 
Value:  $197.00 


Bonus three

Facebook group full of winners

Immediately after you become part of 7-Days to 7-Figures you can also join the closed Facebook group where you will have access to our Head Mindset Coach, you will find weekly value posts and much more!
Value:  $197.00 


Ready to transform your life & business?

7-Days to 7-Figures

Join the program today for just one payment of


Hear from our mindtrepreneur community

"I'm so happy I joined, Vash and Jon shared so much value. Best investment  of my whole life"

- Vedank

"I can't thank Jon, Vash and the team for the support they've given. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommend"

- Sam

"This is the only program you will ever need to succeed. Don't hesitate, I promise it will transform your life"

- Mia

"Hands down the most valuable program and the best decision I’ve made as an entrepreneur. It totally transformed my life "

- Mac

"Once I locked in with Jon, it changed my life. Since then, I've been able to travel the world, I own $20 million crypto fond. Mindset is really the key to everything."

- Tyrelle

" Since joining Mindtrepreneur I totally transformed my life, transformed my business - hitting $10,000 a month."

- Enver

"Having Jon & Vash as my mentors is honestly the best thing that happened to me. I am so grateful to have them as my mentors, they honestly changed my life."

- Xabiso

"Jon & Vash spend hours mastering their craft, You can tell they are coming from a place of heart"

- Jamall

"The principles they teach, their mindset stuff is the most important thing in business... and in life"

- Marcus

"I'm happy and glad I joined. I made a whole transition mentally. Join the community and be a part of us"

- Inessa

"I cannot recommend them enough. I've never seen the range of stuff covered in any other program"

- Craig

"I was making good money but I wasn't happy and stressed all the time. The best decision I ever made"

- Karolina

"I've uncovered things that have been controlling my life, you couldn't even imagine. I am the most critical person when it comes to courses or 'gurus' and I've vetted them for you"

- Just

"These guys are unbelievable. They really are more than coaches. Growing up without good role modes, I felt very lost. There is no community like this If anybody is on the fence, this is your sign.

- Joshua

"I was able to truly start living the dream life by transforming the way I feel. Previously I wasn't happy and was always affected by the external. Jon and Vash were able to explain the steps to take.

- Ivan

"I've worked with a bunch of people in the mindset space. I haven't ever met two individuals who take it as seriously. For them it's really about giving value. I'm proud to be part of the community"

- Alessandro

Are you ready to finally stop letting your mind get in the way of your success?

Are you ready to master your mindset and learn the 7 Principles that will help you make it easy, effortless and automatic for you to accomplish your goals? 

Simply join 7-Days to 7-Figures for $7 now… that’s $1 a day to learn the principles that have generated multiple, multiple 7-figures.

So join now, and we truly look forward to helping you master your mindset, scale your business and ultimately live your best life 

See you inside :)

Jon & Vash

Ready to transform your life & business?

7-Days to 7-Figures

Join the program today for just one payment of


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